ESCI - Ecole Supérieure de Commerce International

ESCI is proud to welcome students from abroad who are granted the status of "Visiting Students".

Most of them take part in the European Commission's educational Erasmus programme , others are studying in the framework of an agreement at faculty level between their home university and ESCI.
As a rule, all our "Visiting Students" remain enrolled at their home university while spending a semester or the full academic year at ESCI .
This section of our website has been designed to give our international visiting students important information they might require to prepare their study time abroad.
-> Programme de 3ème année / 3rd Year Program
-> Programme de 4ème année / 4th Year Program
-> Programme de 5ème année / 5th Year Program
- > Application Form for the ERASMUS Program
- > Application Form for Exchange Non – European Students
- > Application Form for the « ALLIANCE » Program
- > Application Form for a Double Degree with ESCI
-> Student Guide ESCI
-> Academic Year
-> ESCI Partners
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